400X Portable Mobile Phone Microscope - Fit All Phone Models

This magnifier is designed to use with mobile phone camera for identification of emerald jade jewelry, taking photos and observation of tiny things. 20 - 400X cellphone microscope enhances clarity while shooting.

Lightweight and portable, light to 3g, thin to 5mm, let you play micro photography anytime, anywhere.
2 um optical resolution, flat-field achromatic micro-objective lens.
Approximately 20-400X magnification, 5mm diameter field of view, ultra-high resolution.
Compatible with Android and iOS and other smartphones, not limited to models.
Equipped with 12pcs mini traceless adhesive stickers, each sticker can be reused for about 100 times, very economical and practical.
Perfect for paper fiber, droplets, camphor leaf, cloth, rice weevil, mite, stamps, antiques, precision parts, etc.

1.Device Requirements:
for Android 4.2 and above
IOS version: for iPhone 8.0 and above
2.App Download:
IOS: search "TipScope" in the App Store
Android: search "TipScope" in Google Play

Type: Cellphone Microscope
Color: White + Black
Material: PC material
Lens Material: Flat-field achromatic lens
Magnification: 20-400X
Lens Diameter: 5mm
Item Size: Approx.42 * 18 * 5mm / 1.7 * 0.7 * 0.2in
Item Weight: Approx.18g / 0.63oz
Package Weight: Approx.47g / 1.68oz
Package Size: Approx.15.4 * 8 * 2cm / 6.1 * 3.2 * 0.8in

Package List:
1 * Microscope
1 * Storage Box
12 * Sticker
2 * Sample Slide (Randomly Sent)
1 * Lens Wiping Cloth
1 * Lanyard
1 * User Manual (English, Japanese)


How to use it

Place the TIPSCOPEP face up on the desktop and open the phone app to turn on the flash. Step2 Align the camera with the TIPSCOPES lens and the TIPSCOPES lens for the flash. Let the aperture appear in the middle of the screen. Keep the phone close to TIPSCOPE and keep the aperture in the center of the screen. Press to make the phone and TIPSCOP close. TOP4 TIPSCOPEJ is placed close to the object to be observed. Note: Some models can be directly photographed with the mobile phone camera APP