7 In 1 Multi-Function Universal Smart Adapter Card Storage Box

Multi-type charging wire / thin portable / wireless charging / SIM tool set / card reader / mobile phone bracket / ambient light source

No network how to pass information? ? USB flash drive can....but my Macbook only has a Type-C jack. The box can not only read the memory card but also support USB and Type-C.

TO light to thin, less than 1 cm thick, credit card size can be easily put into the pocket, wallet, ready to use, no space

  • Multi-type charging line interface
  • Wireless charging: Support wireless charging, wireless charging can be used after the power is plugged in, and wireless charging is also possible in the bracket mode.
  • Ambient light source: We designed a three-stage switch on the survival card, 3000K: ED, with a diffusing film on the reflective sheet, which can reflect 1W of hot river diffused light on the desktop or wall, thus creating an effective Polarized lighting to protect your eyes
  • Content: SIM card pin, TYPE-C to TYPE-A adapter, flashlight switch, TYPE-C to IOS adapter, two-way TYPE-C adapter, TYPE-C to Micro adapter, NANO SIM card storage
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