Electric Chainsaw :Tool Of The Lumberjack

Nothing’s more satisfying than making your own pile of wood.  Before you start stacking those logs, get to know the basic parts of your electric chainsawThen learn how to safely operate and maintain your equipment.

This Chain Saw Bracket Set fits 100/125/150 angle grinder.
Guide Bar Material: Spring steel
Chain Material: High Carbon Steel
Connecting Rod Size: (M10 / M14) Or (M10 / M14 / M16 )
Chain wheel diameter:(10mm/14mm) Or (10mm/14mm/16mm)
Guide bar size: about 34cm Length, 6cm Width
Chain Teeth: 22
Chain circle length: about 82cm
Chain Thickness: approx. 4.7mm
Drive Link Quantity: 45 sections
Chain Input Power: max.1200 w
Wood Cutting Diameter (depth): about 28cm
Bracket Overall length: about 39cm
Handle height: about 18cm
With protective cover.


1. This Chain Saw Bracket Set fits 100/125/150 angle grinder.
2. Automatic refueling, with protective cover.
3. The ergonomic handle which is very convenient and safer for carrying.
4. Its input power depends on your own angle grinder, so it is not a certain number.
5. Safety of sawing effectively improves the efficiency of your work.
6. The chain interval with the counter-attack shrapnel, guide oil hole, make to use more secure.
7. These saw chains are an improved version of the Titan saw chain and are semi-professional chains.

Package Included:
1 x Chain Saw Bracket Set (
Angle Grinder not included)
(1. Handle 2. Plastic cover 3. Chain 4. Guide 5. Protective cover 6. Large aluminum 7. Hex wrench 8. M10 small sprocket 10. Self-tapping screw 11. Oil can tube 12. Chain tension adjusting screw 13. Hexagon socket screw 14. Small aluminum piece 15. M14 large sprocket 16. Card oil pot wire 17. Hexagon screw nut 18. Oil pot)