Electric Shaver Razor for Men Travel Shaver Portable Mini Magnetic Suction Phone Razor Suitable for IPHONE MICRO TYPE C

  • Plug and Play: Electric Shaver is 1.2-1.8W, low power consumption, doesn’t damage the phone battery, no need to download driver, APP, charging, support global use, electric razor with two power supply interfaces that the one could connect with OTG enabled USB Type-C interfaces, the another one is support for charger and power bank device.
  • Men's Essential Artifact: Electric shaver for men is mini-sized and easy to carry. Whether camping, hiking in outdoors, or driving to work and ready to participate in business activities, insert the phone razor into the phone charging interface to solve the beard problem, keeping a personal charm.
  • Safety & Practical: Travel shaver with precision blade technology and double-ring net that can be adapted to the contours of the face, neck and even the lower jaw. Rounded edges move smoothly over the skin, don't force press it on the face to reduce irritation, provides comfortable close-fitting shave.
  • Magnetic Suction & Easy Cleaning: Shaver for men combines magnetic suction technology with a self-priming design that provides 360-degree anastomosis between the cutter head and the shaver body, it's easy to install and open to clean the beard. After used, please put the shaver for men into the storage bag.
  • Best Electric Shaver for Men: Portable electric shaver has stylish personality and rich technological elements. It's a best creative gift for father, husband, boyfriend, brothers or male friends. You will look their excited expression when they received this surprise gift.
  • [User-friendly]:Plug and play,convenient and fast.This electric shaver is 90° bend design that fits snugly into the phone.Plug in the phone without downloading any driver to use,no need to charge and no power consumption,use 10 minutes,power consumption is less than 1%.It is compatible with Type-C,Micro,and USB+Micro interfaces.
  • [High Qulity]:This razor uses the ECM electrochemical machining process in the field of precision medical equipment to process the shaver head and the shaver net,which not only avoids the appearance of metal burrs,but also greatly improves the wear resistance of the shaver.The 4500 RPM powerful motor,shaving without leaving dregs,shaved short and thorough,gives you smooth skin.
  • [Safe&Comfortable]:Imported double-ring shaver net,non-ribular round design makes the razor more comfortable when in contact with the skin.The double-ring shaver net has a 50% increase in the amount of shaving volume,the thickness of the shaver net is about 0.08mm,matching the double-layer 18 blades,making the razor net closer to the face.20% cutting angle, safe and comfortable.
  • [Your preferred razor]:The size of the product is 3.2*5.2cm/1.26*2.05inch,which is small and exquisite,very easy to carry.The razor can not only shave the beard,but also shave the hands hair,legs hair and so on.You can organize your appearance at any time to keep your personal charm.2019 new magnetic suction design for easy disassembly and installation.
  • [Best Gift]:The razor surface is treated with a high-density metallic paint, which has both texture and aesthetics.Exquisite packaging,generous and easy to store.For the purpose of showing you different taste of fashion,there are three colors for option,you can choose the favorite one according to your hobbies and demands.Both men and women can use.
  • 🎩Travel shaver with precision blade technology and double-ring net with precision-honed 20° angle Nanotech blades for maximum durability and sharpness. cuts hairs up to 30 % closer to the skin for close and comfortable shave.
  • 🎩We Know You Better than You: IPX 7 grade waterproof, Trefoil turbine slim blades Intelligent blocking protection and anti-pinch, the magnetic hair collection container is held tightly by 8 magnetic beads. perfect for your office, self-driving tour, camping.
  • 🎩Plug and Play: The electric shaver suitable for global voltage does not need to download the driver/app. Open the cover become a Micro interface that can be connected to an Android phone; Close the cover become a USB port to connect to a mobile power/computer.
  • 🎩Creative gift choices: More than just a razor! It is also a trimmer. Everyone is looking forward to such a unique gift!