Electronic Pulse Therapy Massager

Relieve All Types of Body Pain!

Say goodbye to pain anywhere on your body! The Electronic Pulse Therapy Massager offers modes that target specific parts of your body- and best of all, it's all free from side effects,  compared to taking pain-killers!


  • GENTLE, COMFY MASSAGES. The Electronic Pulse Therapy Massager releases gentle infrared pulses that are comfortable and soothing. These pulses help muscles relax and lose tension.

  • ADDRESSES ALL TYPES OF BODY PAIN.Great for helping treat neck pain, shoulder pain, shallow or low-quality sleep, high blood pressure, arthritis, muscle strain and tension, and more. It also helps accelerate fat burning, promote blood circulation, and enhance your immune functions.

  • TARGETS SPECIFIC BODY PARTS. Features modes that adapt to different parts of your body, including the waist, shoulders, feet, joints, and many more. Additionally, you can choose from vibrate thump, massage, Shiatsu, and Pat and Scrape therapy!

  • EASY TO USE IN SECONDS. Simply stick at least 2 of the electrodes directly on the chosen areas on your body. Switch the device on and select a body part from the menu!


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Product Specifications:

  • Package includes:
    (1) Electronic Pulse Therapy Massager 
    (16) electrode pads
    (1) USB cable
    (1) English user manual 
    [Optional] (1) pair of pulse slippers
  • Power: 3* AA batteries (not included) or USB charging
  • Massage power levels: 10
  • Massage modes: 8
  • Size: about 6x4x1.5 inches