Multifunctional Car Seat Organizer

🚖Looking for a solution to stop your phone, wallet, and other small stuff to fall between your seats??

🚖Would you like to have driving necessities close at hand and clutter under control?

🚖Do you need somewhere to put your phone, sunglasses, and tissues?

🚖Do you want to make full use of space that is not being used?

Elaborate design

Others have been designed to fit every car. Their sole purpose is to prevent items from falling through which may cause dangerous distractions as you drive. On the market, you’ll find some car seat gap fillers which have been engineered to create an extended storage compartment. These will not only fill that space but also offer you a harbor for your phones, maps, pens, lip balms and other items

  • PREVENT DROPPING ITEM This Gap filler can fill 75-80% seat side of the gap. It gives additional storage for your phone, tissue, eyeglass, purse, etc. This Gap filler will effectively prevent dropping the item in between the seat and limited distraction during the driving
  • SUITABLE SIZE: It fits the most car with gap space at least 1.5cm. Please measure your car seat seam distance before ordering.

  • FLEXIBLE FIT AND EASY TO INSTALL: Easy disassembly and assembly design, easy to clean, slight sliding design to protect the car seat leather will not wear

    • Made of PU leather:The leather has a good grip thus it stays in place when the seat is moved backward and forward.



    • The Leather version does not have water cup card slot,can be installed on both sides without worrying about whether it is installed in the main or co-pilot position. It's broader. Using high-quality leather fabrics, quality and comfort have been improved.
    • The upgraded version not only has a larger capacity, Compared with the previous version but also provides an additional coin slot. It is made of first-class leather. Make your experience even better. Put it in your car and make it more elegant

    Our product is the same as these pictures. If you do not like when you get, we can give you a refund anytime. 


    For your daily use, our suggestion is that you had better buy DRIVER'S SEAT+COPILOT'S SEAT at one time, which ensure that you can use this in both the main driving position and the co-driving position!



    QuestionI installed this product in my car, will it affect driving?

    Answer : Our product makes good use of the gap between seats, so we don't have to worry about driving at all.


    QuestionI want to buy this product, but I don't know whether my car can be installed.

    Answer  : Thank you very much. This product is widely used. All models are applicable. Don't worry at all.


    QuestionI'm interested in it, but I'm worried about the quality.

    Answer  :There is no need to worry about the quality. This product is made of high-quality leather, which can accompany you for a lifetime. If there is any quality problem after your purchase, we will refund you for free, and we will bear the cost.