USB Ear Cleaning Endoscope

No more uncomfortable Q tips that can hurt you! Our USB ear cleaning endoscope is a tool that is designed to capture pictures in any small spaces, your ears included!
    • With the little camera on top of it, it can capture pictures with ease for proper inspection of small parts.
    • It can be used in so much more than ear cleaning! The camera head has a turning wheel that can adjust the brightness of 6 LED lights and make any corner visible.
    • This little endoscope can be used with OTG compatible mobile devices, computers and laptops - you choose!
    • This camera is waterproof, so you can use it for underwater fun too!
    • 3 IN 1 USB Borescope Ear Camera: The product is a high-definition visual ear cleaning tool,  For Windows PC, for the Android system with OTG function
    • Interesting Household Tool: With Ultra small lens with HD pixels, easy access ear canal and see more clearly, you can achieve real-time observation of the whole process of dig earwax through the USB data cable. It can tell the ear canal health status, check the ear canal, or other body parts, such as the scalp, pores, comedones, ear canal, oral cavity, nasal cavity and so on. You can also save photos and videos send to the healthcare professional for a quicker and easier consultation...
    • Portable and Waterproof: Practical tool brings safer, easier and more effective, and waterproof With IP67 features, you can safely put this device into a wet environment like sewer, pipe and motor engine where human eye can’t see. Adjustable 6pcs led help you use it at dark environment.
    • 6 pcs LED Lamp Brightness: It can be adjusted by the dimmer button of the control box according to your need. light is soft and does not dazzle your eyes.



    Connecting: For Windows PC, for the Android system with OTG function
    Lens: 5.5mm
    Pixel: 0.3MP
    Focus distance: 1.5cm
    Earpick length: 43mm
    Material: plastic, metal
    Pen length: about 15cm
    Package size: 178x92x19mm
    Color: black

    Package included:
    1 x Pen Camera
    2 x Earpicks
    1 x Dust bellows
    1 x CD
    1 x Manual

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